Monday, September 29, 2014

Get out there and do something. Anything!

Fall is officially here and it is time to get outside.

It would be easy to say that most of us that enjoy being outside love every season. Each for something a little different. Winter for the skiing. Spring for the kayaking and biking. Summer for the climbing, surfing, tubing, or sweating. Fall for everything. Fall is perhaps the best season and seems to last the longest. You have a decent amount of sunlight and great temperatures. Depending on where you live, the possibility of biking in the morning and skiing in the afternoon is plausible. It does not last forever and soon the winter sun will be here. So, for now you must get out there and do something. Anything. 

We take every feasible day off to get into the woods and ride bikes, kayak, backpack, or whatever your vise may be. As soon as you realize the nice weather is here, it is slowly disappearing. The days get shorter and the temperatures get colder. Although the thoughts of winter are in the back of your mind, enjoying the weekend outside is first and foremost. Sunday afternoon, while heading back to the car, you are slapped by the realization that you have to go to work tomorrow morning. Waking up to an amazing fall day wearing a sweatshirt and flip-flops riding to work on a cool morning. Blue skies with the sun shining west, the cool breeze easing your morning espresso jitters, and thinking about what to do on the coming weekend. Maybe you will not be doing something epic like an ultralight backpacking trip or some epic overnighter biking the impossible. But you should do something no matter what; walk the dog to the river, run the local trails, or work in the yard. Sometimes you just need to sit back, relax, and watch a campfire burn. 

 It is all a cycle that is hard to break once started. These small weekend adventures change it up and allow you to break free, even if only for two days. Although there should always be something big on the horizon. That one trip that a friend put in your head or an epic adventure you have always wanted to go and accomplish. Something that will get you out of your comfort zone and make you realize what the day to day life really means to you. Big, epic adventures are on the horizon. So keep an eye out. 

As a little wisdom after all the Interbike and new product pushing:

There is a continuous push to buy the latest part, limited edition kit, new category of bike, or the relentless push for that new standard. Do not be fooled by all of the shiny new objects. Get out there and ride your bike. As someone always said "if it aint broke, dont fix it."

Ride more. Care less.

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